Model Home Cleaning

When the product you’re selling is a home, it needs to be sparkling clean—cleaner than the standard acceptable level for corporate janitorial. That’s because every nook and cranny will be examined by potential homebuyers. A dust bunny or a flat pillow will reflect negatively upon the community’s sales presentation. That’s why it’s important to employ a cleaning service that is meticulous.

Having worked in the homebuilding industry for decades, AQC understands that the model home is the builder’s “storefront.” Not only do we provide that highly detailed level of clean to keep it looking its best, but we are the “eyes and ears” for our clients. We walk the model(s) so that we can identify areas in need of repair or attention. Our job is to see it before anyone else does.

We schedule our model home cleanings after hours, so as not to disrupt the sales cycle. With AQC, clients can expect:

  • An inspection checklist approved by the client and used by the Project Manager to oversee work
  • Detailed cleaning that includes chandeliers, china and table displays, artwork, and knick-knacks
  • Fluffing of pillows and straightening beds
  • Cleaning of carpets, flooring, drapery and upholstery
  • Window cleaning
  • Weekly, bi-weekly and/or monthly inspections, depending upon client request
  • A deficiency report

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